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Yz250x vs ktm

Yz250x vs ktm

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If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Yzx or ktm xc. Premium Advertiser. Re: Yzx or ktm xc I assume your looking at these bikes for single track type riding?

Re: Yzx or ktm xc Yessingle track woods riding. I currently am coming off a wr, just looking for something a little lighter. Re: Yzx or ktm xc xc is really hard to beat for woods riding. Re: Yzx or ktm xc But is the ktm worth the extra cash over the yz?

Re: Yzx or ktm xc I was in the same predicament. I was done with the class. I ended picking up the YZ X. Put some Acerbis hand guards and skid plate on it and never looked back. It just flat out works! The most fun I've had in a long time. From a price point it's hard to beat it. As for the KTM, I think it's also a great machine.

Just more money. Can't go wrong with either. Re: Yzx or ktm xc I really like the ktm but for the difference if a guy feels he needs more umff, i guy could always put a big bore kit on it. Re: Yzx or ktm xc. Originally Posted by jpmez I was in the same predicament.

Re: Yzx or ktm xc Like he said I bought the YZ X 2 stroke put bar busters on the bars and skid plate and re jet and go. It is by far the best bike I have ridden hands down.

Best bang for your buck out there. Hey I would take the KTM to but for 3 to 4 grand more nah not for me. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:.

Yamaha YZ250X 2 stroke versus KTM 250XC 2 stroke -- Dirt Bike Magazine

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Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. YZX, what's the story? Yz has long been pretty much the gold standard in two strokes.

They are supposed to be on the shelves right about now, anyone trying one? DirtDadAug 18, Not on the dealer floor yet here in Albq. Should be any day now. I will check in with the dealer tomorrow. I am really thinking about getting this one.

It could replace the 05 in my garage! ADV Sponsors. EldonAug 19, I'm totally stoked about the YZX myself. I love how well the YZ transitions between tight turns quickly and it has so much bottom end power it explodes out of one corner and into the next. It make a perfect woods bike for my size frame. I'd love a new X but that's just not in the cards at this time for me.

Joined: Dec 8, Oddometer: I'd be interested in one too, loving my kdx, just craving some more power. DirtDadAug 20, Looks like Bobby J's Yamaha has one in the shop getting assembled as I write this. Should be on the floor tomorrow or Saturday. MCVLAug 20, Joined: Jun 16, Oddometer: Location: Kazakhstan.In addition, there has been a demonstrated need for a mid-sized bike for the younger generation or the smaller riders out there.

The Fs in this comparison have found a place—just like at the motocross track. Not too long ago, the only option was to take a motocross bike and try convert it, with all the unfortunate compromises. Now, these bikes come stock with features focused on off-road racing, including some components which are very difficult for the aftermarket to produce. As a bonus, these bikes have just enough features to make them better for more than just racing, they also carry over well into aggressive trail riding.

KTM gives the XC-F all the changes that the SX-F gets but adds the dedicated cross country, XCpackage for which it set the standard in taking the motocross bike and successfully converting it for off-road use. Parts including oversized gas tanks, specific ECU tuning, specific suspension settings, kick stands and inch rear wheels are found on all the bikes.

yz250x vs ktm

Electric starting is standard as that has even transcended over to the MX machines these days. Skid plates and handguards are found on some and but are not standard on others.

And transmission ratios among the bikes seem to be a spot of some disagreement. More about this in the Power section. The question is which one is the best one for you?

They are all good but they are all different. There are three characteristics, or flavors, in the power department. And depending on how you want your horsepower served will determine the more suitable brand.

yz250x vs ktm

The CRF sits in the middle of the other two with a very well-rounded powerband that does not kill it either on top or on the bottom. It has impressive torque and pull from a motor that is kicked around on the motocross track for not having enough low end.

The build is progressive, and revs for a long time but it also revs quickly, especially in the aggressive or 3 map. The bottom end torque is really aided in map 2. One issue is switching between them takes basically coming to a stop to switch. If there is fault in the top end it is that the CRF will run into the rev limiter a little too easily without much sign-off or warning.I know it is an offroad bike but has anybody rode a new YZX yet?

I never liked the power delivery of a 2 stroke mx'er but this is supposed to be smoother and easier to ride.

This or That: KTM 250 XC-F vs. Yamaha YZ250FX

I'm trying to decide between that or a KTM xcf but those are 9 grand or more. Trav wrote:. Loftin79 wrote:. Buddy has one. Trials bike like low end and fantastic midrange just top notch. Very flat top end feel. Yeah it does. The way that bike runs I doubt any pipe is gonna ruin the low end. He bought the FMF fatty and it is better, still feels very flat to me.

yz250x vs ktm

The low end is just awesome anytime short shifting or hill climbing. Engine just seems to pull under a load real well. Basically feels unstalleable. Thats good insight. Fwiw any yz pipe would work. From at least 01 up buddy with an 01 removed an sst and installed other buddy's stock x pipe, absolutely loves it.

I'd go pro circuit works pipe for the biggest difference from the stocker. That way switching pipes is all u need to make a big engine feel change. The articles on the x claim the pipe is dimensionally the same as the regular yz pipe as far as engine characteristics, just tucked in more for clearance.

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I weight naked and have rode a yzx. It is my friend's bike. I previously owned a yzr and now I own a 14 sx converted to woods bike. The yzx has much smoother power delivery and longer gears compared to both bikes. It also required more clutch slip compare to my bikes transmission probably due to my weght. Significantly less shifting than the yz and sx though. Suspension is by far alot better. It soaked up the trail trash and could still jump it.

I still think the latest ktm xc line up is better than the yzx but price comparison, the Yamaha will be on par with them minus the ktm parts perks.

Ktm has had a horror show of stock suspension issues up until their most recent aer forks which are great forks. Yamaha still holding the torch for stock suspension. If ktm didn't make a suspension upgrade as they have done with the aer forks, I would consider yamaha and jump back to the yzx. The draw backs I noticed with it were steering not as quick and brakes not as responsive The yzx is probably the best all around reliable bike for the best price compared to the rest. This isn't exactly true.

To honest, I read that review before I bought a pipe and like a dumbass, I disregarded their opinion when I couldn't find the Turbinecore 2. So ended up with the yz Turbine Core 2. Afterwards, I ended up calling FMF to ask if there was a difference in between their yz and yzx products and they advised there was, Thus, they only offer a single option for the x because they assuming Don Sr.?Anybody ride both and give me some input? Coming from a sxf, leaning toward the KTM but worried about the "hit"?

Rode my buddies sx and loved it in the corners, but definitely underpowered for me 6"2", lbs. I'm 6'5" pounds and I thought it was a little more mellow then years previous for the KTM. Very smooth running bike for woods riding in stock trim. Haven't rode a Yamaha so I can compare just throwing my two cents in.

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Rode both. Unimpressed with the yzx but i guess you could modify it back into a yz The power is just too mild an almost feels like it wont go on pipe I have ridden both. The Yzx is super mellow in stock form.

My brother put a gnarly pipe and turbine core silencer and it woke it up a lot. In stock form I found you have to ride it on the pipe like a You didn't say what year sx your looking at? I can say from 13 and up the SX hits a lot harder than the X. Im 6" lbs and I find the cockpit on the yzx cramped, my buddy who is similar height and weight felt that too and ended up getting lower foot pegs to help with that. I really like my brothers yzx but I do find it cramped and you have to be more aggressive on it to ride it fast.

Yeah the SX is awesome once you get the carb sorted. I find the 17 the best 2 stroke I've ridden but I will say I also found that it took the most work to get it that way. I replaced the mukuni with a 36 keihin. I will go back to the 38 once I have some more time to piss around and get that carb working properly.

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I also replaced the throttle cable with a longer motion pro and changed the stock throttle assembly with the old domino that came with the bikes. That 17 throttle assembly is so stiff you can get arm pump warming up the bike- lol.Forum Rules. Remember Me? You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members PMrespond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.

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Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 11 to 20 of Thread: Yzx or ktm xc. Re: Yzx or ktm xc Really cant go wrong with either,my experience on both the bikes.

Yamaha YZ250X vs. Yamaha YZ450FX - COMPARISON TEST

Premium Advertiser. Re: Yzx or ktm xc. Originally Posted by bud Re: Yzx or ktm xc I love the the grunt is unreal in tight riding. The yammy is a sweet bike and they have it dialed very well. Probably the most reliable ever built but they've had 15 years to get it figured out.

I find the a bit cramped but I'm tall. Even with dropped pegs and risers I was never totally comfortable on it. I prefer the for the power and the way the chassis fits me. Re: Yzx or ktm xc Buy the YZ and spend the extra cash on good suspension I have thousands into my 2 's and even more into my 2 smoker Some take drugs, others drink bottles, I solve my problems by squeezing throttles!

Re: Yzx or ktm xc I own a x and love it raced it all last year and never skipped a beat and unlike the ktm a few minor adjustments and you can hit the mx track with confidence. Re: Yzx or ktm xc Yzx all the way. Yamaha reliability, and dealership network everywhere. ThankYou Envirocritics??

I am going back to the fourstroke again. Crfrx, or rx. Maybe Yamaha fx. Re: Yzx or ktm xc Been out of riding for 30 years and decided to get back in it to ride with my son! I Have a yzfx i converted back to dirt from being a snowbike!

Way to go big of a bike for this old guy! So this year i Bought a new ktmtpi!

2019 250cc Off-Road Race Comparison Honda CRF250RX vs KTM 250XC-F vs Yamaha YZ250FX

Best thing i ever did! Frikn awesome! Runs flawlessly!

yz250x vs ktm

Lots of low end grunt and light enough for me to throw it around! A whole lot of fun! Talked to the local yamaha dealer about a x and they were going to get to me with a price and never heard a thing so i put my money down on the ktm! Very happy with my decision!Today, there are more new two-strokes available than there have been in a decade. Yamaha simply took the existing YZ and made a handful of changes. To change the power delivery, Yamaha changed the port timing and power-valve shape, reduced the compression ratio from 8.

In the gearbox, the top three gear ratios are taller, while final gearing is lower. There are also changes in the shift mechanism and lighter clutch springs. It has a reserve position on the petcock, and for it got a larger front brake rotor. It probably would have been easier to design a whole new motor than retrofit a starter to one that was designed more than 15 years ago.

The fuel tank is unchanged and holds 2. With that tank empty, the bike weighs pounds. InYamaha updated the appearance of its two-strokes with new bodywork, and that look is passed on to the X. The Yamaha came out on top. It had a much better power delivery for the trail, cleaner jetting and better suspension for anywhere. The XC-W has a wider spread of gear ratios in its six-speed transmission than the more race-oriented XC version, but the most obvious difference between the two models is in the suspension department.

The new motor was designed with weight reduction in mind. It weighs pounds without fuel. KTM equips its W line of bikes very thoroughly for off-road riding. It has a headlight, an odometer, handguards, a 2. Another big bonus that all KTMs have is a hydraulic clutch.

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Yes, the KTM has a clear advantage going in. Moving on, the two bikes are very closely matched. You can take either of these two bikes down to a crawl without stalling, then open the throttle and have them spring to life.

More relevantly, you can mess up in every way possible climbing a difficult rock pile; you can have your feet dangling, your weight off balance and your technique missing in action, but as long as you keep the throttle slightly open, either bike will keep chugging on and on.

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